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WDDS-2 Digital DC Earth Resistivity Meter

WDDS-2 is the basic resistivity meter only with function of 1D Res Sounding.

  • Resistivity Meter
  • 1D 1D Res Sounding.
WDDS-2 digital resistivity equipment is a new generation of DC resistivity instrument which is based on a series of advanced electrical equipment for resistivity sounding survey, and adopts 32-bit microcontroller technology and 24-bit A / D technology development.
Underground water inspection

Engineering geology inspecting as dam base exploration and flood

Metal source exploration

Non-metal source exploration

City geophysical exploration

Railway and bridge
1.RS-232 serial interface enables the instrument to communicate with other computers.
2.Monitoring the dynamic variation of MN electrode potential through inspecting its ground resistance.
3.Receiver supports transient over-voltage protection for input voltage; transmitter supports over-voltage protection, over-current protection and AB open-circuit protection.
4.Automatically displaying the resistivity relative error between the current measuring result and the last measuring result.
5.Able to store measuring data for more than 150,000 times, including voltage, current, resistivity, relative error, SP, array constant, measuring point and so on.
Voltage:+-24V,+-0.5% 1bit,24bit A/D 
Maximum voltage sampling resolution:0.01μV 
Input impedance:≥50MΩ 
SP compensation range:+-10V 
Current:3.5A,+-0.5% +-1bit,24bit A/D 
Maximum current sampling resolution:0.02μA 
50Hz power frequency interference suppressing better than 80dB

Maximum transmitting power:3500W 
Maximum supply voltage:+-1000V(2000Vp-p) 
Maximum supply current:+-3.5A(7Ap-p) 
Power supply pulse waveform:duty ratio: 1:1 bipolar

Display:160×160 LCD 
Storage capacity: 1GB (expandable)
Power supply: Internal battery (external 12V), provides continuous working hours more than 20 hours.
Main machine interface: A,B,M,N. HV DC, external power supply and charging port, RS-232 and USB port. 
Dimension: 270mm×246mm×175mm 
Weight: ≤4.2kg(WDDS-2)≤5.5kg  (WDDS-2B) 
Working temperature: -10℃~+50℃,95%RH 
Storing temperature: -20℃~+60℃ 
Internal high power battery (only WDDS-2B): Maximum working power 200V.

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