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360 degree rotary borehole inspection camera

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360 degree rotary borehole inspection cameras have technical parameters, clarity, wide range of azimuth, sturdy and reasonable structure, hard to damage, strong practical value, and low price, which is unmatched by other borehole inspection cameras.

GYGD-IIS Borehole camera

360 degree rotary borehole inspection cameras can be used to observe various characteristics and subtle phenomena of geological bodies in boreholes, well holes, wells, oil wells, and pile foundations. Such as stratum lithology, rock structure, geological structure, strata strike, faults, cracks, interlayers, karst fractures, etc. The conditions and faults in the wells can be clearly seen whether they appear on the wall or bottom of the well.


360 degree rotary borehole inspection cameras using high-definition color low-illumination wide-angle camera, direction keys support electric and continuous movement, can be set to a certain position at any time, positioning observation, strong flexibility, one-key AutoPan automatic scanning, support horizontal scanning and tilting Dynamic adjustment of depression angle.


360 degree rotary borehole inspection camera, that is, the probe core camera rotates 360° in circumference and 180° in pitch, making the observation in the underground more intuitive, more detailed and more accurate. It adopts high-power lumens, ultra-strong light cold light source LED lighting, 5-level built-in lighting brightness adjustment, and external light supplement function.


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