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  • Attending International Mineral Exploration Meeting

    This conference invited several excellent geophysical experts from Rio Tinto Group to give lectures and share experience. We have learned some advanced scientific methods used in geological exploration. This will help us become a more professional geological product supply team at home and abroad, and lay a solid foundation for providing customers with better services.

  • What is Electrical Resistivitiy Tomography Survey?

    Electrical Resistivity Tomography Survey refers to the DC high density resistivity method, but because of the development of dc excitation polarization method, so referred to as the electrical resistivity tomography method. The resistivity tomography method is actually a method of array exploration.

  • What is Electrical Resistivity Tomography ?

    Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) is an advanced geophysics method used to determine the subsurface’s resistivity distribution by making measurements on the ground surface. ERT data are rapidly collected with an automated multi-electrode resistivity meter. ERT profiles consist of a modeled cro

  • Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES) Resistivity Survey Technique to Explore Groundwater

    A geoelectrical survey using the electrical resistivity method was carried out to investigate the sub-surface layering and evaluation of the aquifer characteristics. Applying the Schlumberger array, a total of 596 vertical electrical soundings were conducted along 26 profiles. Quantitative and quali

  • The main task of mineral exploration

    ① To further identify the shape, occurrence and geological conditions of the ore body, including identifying the boundaries around the ore body and putting forward accurate geological maps, so as to determine a reasonable mining plan.② To find out the industrial grade, mineral composition, structura

  • Is the technology mature for GPS drone mapping? How do you see?

    From accuracy and efficiency, the technology of GPS drone mapping has been mature.One of the most valuable indicators is survey accuracy , the survey accuracy is directly affected by the application. From the traditional GPS positioning to RTK / PPK / PPP, the drone gps mapping survey is one of tech

  • The Types of Drilling Rigs

    The rig is a host that completes the drilling construction, it drives drilling tools and drill bits to the depth of the formation drilling, and through the lift on the rig (hoist) to complete the drilling tools and casing, extraction of core, replacement of drill bits and other auxiliary work.The ma

  • How To Request a Quote For Borehole Inspection Camera - External Customers

    Once you are interested in our borehole inspection cameras. Just browse through borehole testing equipment, and when you find what you want, click " inquire" or “Add to Basket”. Once you are done and have a full list of all the required items and quantities, click “Go to Quote”. Fill in all your

  • Brief Introduction To Transient Electromagnetic Method

    Transient Electromagnetics Method TEM is based on the difference between the electrical conductivity of rock (ore) in the earth's crust and the magnetic conductivity of DAO. According to the principle of electromagnetic induction, a pulse magnetic field is sent underground by using ungrounded loop o

  • Why drones mapping now does not prefer to GPS RTK, but GPS PPK?

    Drone is widely used, with low cost, multitasking, good maneuverability, high efficiency, low radiation, widely used in various aspects of military and civil production. Since GPS has the characteristics of all-weather, high precision and automatic measurement, drones currently used for mapping are basically used to locate and navigate through GPS. The GPS single point positioning accuracy of the drone flight control is too bad. So RTK technology and PPK technologies are apllied on drone mapping, which both can reach cm accuracy.

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