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  • Introduction of Geophysical Exploration Methods
    Introduction to geophysical exploration methodsGeophysical exploration is short for geophysical prospecting. It's a branch of geophysics. It is based on the theory of physics and takes the earth as the main research object. It is a basic method of deep geological survey and an indispensable means
  • Attending International Mineral Exploration Meeting
    This conference invited several excellent geophysical experts from Rio Tinto Group to give lectures and share experience. We have learned some advanced scientific methods used in geological exploration. This will help us become a more professional geological product supply team at home and abroad, and lay a solid foundation for providing customers with better services.
  • What is the purpose by using seismic instrument?
    The engineering seismic instrument, is a crucial tool used in geotechnical investigations and exploration. It serves the following purposes:Seismic Imaging: The seismic geophone helps in mapping subsurface geological structures by detecting and recording seismic waves. Site Characterization: By an
  • What is a proton magnetometer in Archaeology?
    A proton magnetometer is a type of device used in archaeology to measure and map variations in the Earth's magnetic field. This technology is particularly valuable in archaeological surveys because it can detect subsurface features, such as buildings, walls, pits, and other structures, which may not
  • Difference between Low Frequency And High Frequency Seismometers
    Low frequency seismometers are good in petroleum exploration and High frequency seismometers are good in engineering and environmental geophysical surveys
  • The difference between Seismic Reflection and Refraction Explained
    What is seismic reflection?Seismic reflection is the bouncing (throwing) back of the seismic waves after hit àn interface known as a reflector. Seismic reflection method relied on recording the reflected seismic waves from the geological interface. Seismic reflection applies the same Principle of wa
  • How to choose a water detectors? What is the differences compared with other brands?
    It aims to teach readers how to choose a water detecot, and tell the differences between our products and other brands.
  • Gyro Borehole Survey Tool Work In Deep Borehole
    Borehole survey tools are essential for conducting accurate surveys in a wide range of industries, including mining, geothermal drilling, oil and gas exploration, and environmental monitoring. One of the most popular types of borehole survey tools is the gyro survey tool
  • What's electric profiling method?
    What's electric profiling method?
  • How to draw Geophysical Exploration Line Section?
    The Drawing Method of Geophysical Exploration Line Section
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