• Analysis and solution of underground interference factors of multi electro-prospectors

    Since the introduction of high-resolution electric instrument adhere to the "forecast ingress, suspicious, first exploration, first after excavation, first cure and then mining" principle of water exploration, has carried out high-resolution advanced detection more than 20 times, effective detection

  • What is Magnetometer?

    Magnetometer, instrument for measuring the strength and sometimes the direction of magnetic fields, including those on or near the Earth and in space. Magnetometers are also used to calibrate electromagnets and permanent magnets and to determine the magnetization of materials.Magnetometers specifica

  • Exploration geophysics

    Exploration geophysics is an applied branch of geophysics, which uses physical methods, such as seismic, gravitational, magnetic, electrical and electromagnetic at the surface of the Earth to measure the physical properties of the subsurface, along with the anomalies in those properties. It is most o

  • Resistivity Imaging Tomograph Working in Laos

    DUK-2A Resistivity Tomography System were purchased in 2015

  • How Do Hydrologists Locate Groundwater? 

    Using scientific methods to locate waterTo locate groundwater accurately and to determine the depth, quantity, and quality of the water, several techniques must be used, and a target area must be thoroughly tested and studied to identify hydrologic and geologic features important to the planning and

  • Multi Channels MASW Seismograph

    Chongqing supported 359 members of the Wuhan medical team from Hubei Toret to return to Chongqing on three flights. This is the third batch of chongqing to Hubei to support the medical team after the completion of the mission.   Since the outbreak of covid pneumonia, Chongqing has sent 18 batches of

  • Seismic Geophone Application

    Seismic geohone is used to detect seismic wave signals, as the front-end equipment for seismic data reception and acquisition, plays an important role in seismic exploration, and its performance directly affects the quality of seismic signal recording and seismic data interpretation. The realistic d

  • What is borehole logging?

    Borehole LoggingGeophysical borehole logging can provide accurate data of the physical properties of geologic units and groundwater within the borehole environment.Borehole logging is a time and money-saving approach to gaining detailed information which is otherwise only obtainable from performing

  • Mainly application about Water Level Meter

    Mainly application about Water Level Meter

  • Introduction and Use of the Borehole Camera in Mining-Related Investigations

    Background: One of the more valuable tools used in mining-related hydrologic investigations can be a
    borehole camera. It can dispel to some degree the old adage that you cannot see under the ground. This
    instrument permits viewing and video recording of boreholes, domestic wells, mine shafts, open s

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