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  • borehole inspection cameras with 50mm dual cameras


    Shipment for 250m borehole inspection cameras with 50mm dual cameras Read More

  • How to do earthwork calculations by ppk drone photography?


    Ground excavation projects are almost involved in earthwork calculations. The amount of earth stone is determined by the quality of terrain expression.Through drone with load GOLD F2 GPS PPK Kit, It generated topographic expression, small workload, high software automation, reliable calculation accuracy, and calculation results are subject to survey methods and calculation methods. Its results are used in the calculation of equivalents in two flops, and the results are reliable and have visual effects. Read More

  • Geophysical Resistivity Survey: 1D Vertical Electrical Sounding


    Throughout most of the 20th century, Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES) was the dominant geophysical resistivity method. It has been used all over the world for three primary purposes: geotechnical investigation, groundwater exploration, and mineral exploration. Benefits Of Vertical Electrical Sound Read More

  • 2D Resistivity Imaging Equipment Shipping to Mexico


    The equipment (2D resistivity imaging equipment) is ready to ship to Mexico for our customers.The system has 60 channels and 120 channels. The cable spacing has 5m and 10m for option.Below is the picture: Read More

  • A Downhole Perspective - Borehole Inspection Camera


    The ability to see into a deep borehole has been an aspiration for well drillers, well owners, and geologists for many years in China. Whether inspecting a borehole to identify a problem, attempting to retrieve a lost tool, presenting the results of a well cleaning treatment or confirming the depth Read More

  • The use of water level meters


    A basic measurement in groundwater studies is that of water levels in wells. The measurement of the groundwater level in a well is frequently conducted in conjunction with groundwater sampling to determine the "free" water surface. Surface measurements can be used to establish groundwater direction Read More

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