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360 degree rotary borehole inspection cameras

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A borehole camera scans along the well hole and monitors the changes in the well on the ground screen. Our factory continues to introduce new 45mm 360-degree rotating underground borehole inspection camera. In the mining water wells, due to the ageing, the well holes will rupture or the water filter pipes will be blocked by long-term calcium deposits, which will affect the normal use of the wells and lead to scraps. The borehole inspection camera can be used to accurately find the damaged location and reasons so that the timely measures can be taken. For the bedrock holes in clean water, the lithology, cracks, joints, etc. of the well wall can also be observed through TV; thin layers and inter layers missed by drilling can also be found to supplement the core deficiencies. underground borehole inspection camera is the same as the ordinary industrial surveillance camera, but the camera part is small in size and can be placed in the well. It has a compact lighting source and sufficient withstand voltage and insulation performance to avoid the influence of well water pressure and verticality. borehole inspection camera is photosensitive and can only be used in the clear water hole. For mud drilling, the downhole sonic camera is used.


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