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A Downhole Perspective - Borehole Inspection Camera

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The ability to see into a deep borehole has been an aspiration for well drillers, well owners, and geologists for many years in China.  Whether inspecting a borehole to identify a problem, attempting to retrieve a lost tool, presenting the results of a well cleaning treatment or confirming the depth of a newly drilled borehole, the need for visual inspection is crucial.

It will come as no surprise that the camera that has revolutionised the borehole inspection process – and the drilling industry - has come fromChongqing Gold Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd.

GYGD-IV rotary borehole inspection camera

In 2010, GYGD-IIS rotary borehole inspection cameras took on the challenge of designing a borehole camera system in the deep waterwell of Northwest in China.  The result was a camera design that could withstand the pressure of 1000 meters of submergence, as well as the extra challenges of remote frame advancing and remote flash.

The introduction of the GYGD portable camera systems has had a significant impact on the drilling market since their introduction ten years ago. Our systems have potentially put a downhole camera in the hands of every driller because they are portable, affordable and of a professional grade. We offer lightweight portable camera systems for the individual operator, skid mounted systems that are easily lifted onto a truck or cargo van, trailer mounted systems and a fully equipped vehicle mounted system.”

Gold has cleverly designed its camera series so that they are both stand alone, self-contained systems but also compatible with each other. Any of the systems can be added to, at a later date, if deeper or narrower viewing conditions occur or a company increases its capabilities.


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