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Application of Geological Survey

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The scope of Geological Engineering covers: geological survey technology and methods and mineral resources exploration and evaluation, prediction and evaluation of regional mineral bases and mineral prospective areas, exploration, development and evaluation of mining areas and ore deposits, construction of geological engineering field, feasibility study and decision-making of exploration and evaluation projects, new technologies and methods of geological exploration, hydrogeology, engineering geology and environment Prediction, evaluation, monitoring and protection of Geology and geological hazards, computer application in geological structure, geological environment, geological process and geological disaster research, quality inspection in the implementation process of geological engineering, design, development and application of new methods and technologies, and engineering management of geological resources and geological engineering industry.

The major geological problems, various mineral resources, water resources and environmental problems in the construction of national economy are the conditions and basis for social stability and sustainable development. It is for this purpose that the field of geological engineering carries out scientific research, engineering implementation and personnel training. Geological engineering has a wide range of services and diversified technical means. From the air, ground, underground, land to the sea, various methods and technologies cooperate with each other and cross penetrate each other, forming a scientific and reasonable, three-dimensional and modern comprehensive technology and method.


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