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Crawler Drilling Rig XT-6R multi-purpose drilling rig

  • Gold
  • XT-6R
  • 160 kN
  • 28/22 MPa
  • 54kN / 42m/min
  • 3/6 m
  • 90 ~45
  • 1.7~3.3 km/h
  • Crawler walking angle
  • 7000KG

Product Description

Product Description

      XT-6R hydraulic drilling rig is a type of multi-purpose drilling rig of medium-shallow hole drilling for mineral exploration and geotechnical drilling. It not only is for RC core sampling drilling, but also for diamond wire-line core drilling. It adapts modular design, it can carry out multi-purpose by changing different modular top-drive head. Brand new designed top-drive head use mechanical and hydraulic together to shift speed, to make the head has wide speed range to suit for different drilling technology.

     XT-6R is mainly used for solid mineral exploration, micropile hole drilling, and slide-resistant pile construction; Geothermy hole drilling, and water well drilling as well.

  1. multi-purpose, fast switch to achieve a variety of drilling technology;
  2. top-drive head of a wide range of speed regulation, large torque, high speed and low speed to meet different process requirements, convenient speed;
  3. console layout reasonable, head of digital speed display, easy to operate;
  4. hydraulic system with load sensing control system, imported components, energy saving, high reliability;
  5. the whole sliding variable angle, ground support, implementation, and enhance the stability of the drilling;
  6. main winch used American imported winch, can realize the function of drilling;
  7. track mounted,  move conveniently, fast.
1 Drilling capacity wire line coring S75(NQ)      600 m 
Air reverse circulation coring(sample) Φ108Double-wall drill pipe   200 m
air forward circulating hole diameter Φ150   300 m
2 Power model 4BTA3.9-C125 diesel Power/rated speed 93kW/2200rpm
3 Power head high speed(Speed/torque) 0~900rpm/1727~575Nm
Low speed(Speed/torque) 0~92rpm/5936~4781Nm
spindle diameter Φ93mm
4 Hydraulic chuck (the spring clamp, hydraulic clamping force 160 kN
5 Feed system feed trip 3600 mm
Feed/pull force 50/103 kN
6 Hydraulic system Main pump/deputy pump pressure rating 28/22 MPa
7 Main winch maximum lift/line speed 54kN / 42m/min
8 Auxiliary hoist maximum lift/line speed 13.6/8 kN
inner/outer line speed 80/130 m/min
Rope capacity 800m (Φ5mm)
9 Drill pipe/pipe length 3/6 m
10 Drilling Angle 90 º~45 º
11 Crawler walking speed 1.7~3.3 km/h
Climbing angles 20º
12 Rig weight 7000 kg
13 Machine dimension Transport status 6655×2150×2850 mm(L*W*H)
Vertical work state 4950×2150×8725 mm(L*W*H)
14 Optional components Wire line coring drilling technology hydraulic drive Trojan gripper, main winch, hydraulic driving mud pump (160 l/min; 6 Mpa)
15 Optional components RC drilling technology air system, upper and lower air swivel, sample collector, un-tighten device, fork, and special lifter.


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