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Design Features Of Borehole Inspection Camera

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Features of borehole inspection cameras


1. Small design volume: a camera system with a diameter of 160mm~25mm


2. Universal rotation function: the horizontal viewing angle can be 360°, and the vertical viewing angle can be rotated by 90°


3. Unique electronic control focusing function:

In order to reduce the size ordinary underwater cameras use miniature cameras with the same definition and fixed focal length. It is known as the fool type. The focus cannot be adjusted in time with the distance of the measured object, which will affect the clarity. The borehole inspection cameras have realized electronically controlled focus adjustment while maintaining the same small size.


4. Strong light source:

There are a large number of plankton, suspended particles and colloidal particles in the water, which have a scattering effect on the transmission of light waves. Reduce the contrast of the camera imaging and even difficult to image in severe cases.The scattering effect of colloidal particles on light waves is the main reason affecting imaging.Therefore, solving the problem of water turbidity is the key whether the camera can capture sharp images.Ordinary underwater cameras are equipped with infrared or light-emitting diode cold light sources, which are affected by water refraction and absorption, have weak color temperature penetration and small viewing distance. Our underwater camera has developed a halogen light source with strong penetrating power and large observation distance. Use DC safe voltage to supply power separately, even if the underwater environment is harsh and one of them is damaged,  there are multiple backup light sources so it will not affect normal underwater use.


5. Corrosion resistance

Ordinary underwater camera shells use plastic or aluminum alloy light sources. Our underwater camera shells use stainless steel. The shell and light source are integrated, easy to operate.


6. Image digital acquisition

The main control box can be equipped with an ordinary monitor to display images, and can also convert underwater video signals into standard DVD format digital signals through the USB2.0 interface. This collection software has an intuitive graphical interface and simple operation. It can monitor, edit and record images. Digital storage of video materials.


7. Depth screen display

Our underwater camera can display the distance between the current probe and the water surface in the system control box and digital acquisition software, allowing users to better and more accurately understand the hydrological environment and accurate depth of the current equipment, and facilitate recording.


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