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Digital Inclinometer, what is it?

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The inclinometer system consists of an inclinometer casing and an inclinometer measurement system. The casing provides contact for sub-surface measurements, while its grooves control the orientation of the inclinometer sensor and provide a uniform surface for measurements.

The casing is usually installed in a borehole; however, it can also be buried in a trench, cast into concrete or attached to a structure.An inclinometer, or clinometer, is an instrument used for measuring angles of slope/tilt and elevation/depression of an object with respect to gravity. They are known by various names, including gradiometer, tilt indicator and slope gauge.

Inclinometer deflection devices comprise a servo cable, cable reel, accelerometer probe, and a digital readout unit. Care should be taken while setting up this instrument to take a set of readings by ensuring that the guide wheels are checked for bearing free play and tightened if required. Lubricant should be applied to the wheel bearing assemblies. The cable connectors are protected with caps to prevent damage or contamination to the connector contacts. An O-ring is used to provide a water-tight seal between the probe and the cable.

The readout unit is turned on and the system is checked by holding the bottom of the probe in a stable position while moving the top along the measurement axis, i.e. the two upper wheels. The readout unit will display values with polarity matching the given tilt angles. The reading can be interpreted using basic trigonometry.


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