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Drilling geological exploration knowledge

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Drilling geological exploration is a project that uses drilling equipment to drill from the surface to the underground, take out soil, core, cuttings, various liquid and gaseous media, for the analysis and study of soil properties, stratigraphic structure, mineral exploration or development construction. On the basis of geophysical exploration and geochemical exploration, it is an engineering and technical method for direct exploration of mineral deposits or development of mineral resources in order to further clarify the formation conditions and structure, find out whether there are target mineral deposits, the size, thickness and distribution of ore bearing area, formation pressure and other geological conditions. In recent years, with the continuous development of drilling technology, horizontal wells, underbalanced wells, slim hole wells and sidetracking wells have appeared one after another. Through the analysis and research of a large number of geological data obtained by drilling engineering, geological and technological personnel can almost find and understand the detailed information of mineral deposits and strata.

Drilling geological exploration knowledge system includes general geology knowledge, drilling engineering knowledge, logging knowledge, logging knowledge, testing knowledge, mineral development knowledge, experimental testing knowledge, etc. This requires us to make the drilling data as accurate and complete as possible. We should also learn how to identify and evaluate all kinds of information revealed in single well geological data, which is also the basic quality that a geological college student and geological technician should have.


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