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Dual View Camera Head

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Product Description

borehole camera overview

Function :

          1  To inspection the water leakage of the well ,  
          2  To imaging the blockage of the well 
          3  To help the repair of the well 
          4  Provide broadcast quality video of the underwater  world, back to the surface from up to within 1000m below,
          5  This camera can be viewed in real time or recorded for later viewing 
          1 Super high resolution color picture 
          2 Low light operation 
          3 Led  underwater light 
          4 Stainless steel housing 
          5 Military grade water tightness cable 
          6 Ability to attach up to deep place and stand large pressure of water.
borehole camera techncial sheet

No. Description Parameter Remarks
1 Imaging chip 1/3”color CCD
2 Resolution 850TVL
3 Focusing Automatic   Can also be manual
4 Lighting High power lighting LED
5 Measuring depth 0-2000m
6 Color rotating lens 12,000,000 pixel sensitivity 1.5 Lux
7 Viewing Angle 180° Hole Wall 
8 Scan Automatic scan
9 Control Dynamic change speed or footage
10 Illuminating brightness Automatic  
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