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Engineering drilling GQ-20 for soil investigation drilling rigs

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Product Description



GQ-20 Building Construction Tools And Equipment is developed based on GQ-15 rig,in order to meet the needing of construction of large dia .The structure of the rig is stable and reliable.


  • Large torque,light weight and small size compare to the same kind drilling  machine.It is easy to move.
  • The mast is like a dragon door,the top-head can move down or up on it .Large strength,drill high accurate hole.
  • Inner hole of top-head is large(182 × 182mm),can drill with forward circulation or reverse circulation drilliin method.
  • The rig uses DF6S900 gear box of DONG-FENG truck,it has 6 forward gears,1 reverse speed,it is suitable for drlling various earth formation.It is good to handle accidents in hole,and easy to maintain due to using general spare parts. 
  • Top-head is equipped with man power chuck ,drilling with Square Kelly,large depth per drilling high efficiency .
  • The Oil feed cylinders make the top-hand move up and down ,pressure and depression drilling easily,and have large pull ad push force.
  • The retraction distance is 1550mm,have larger distance away from hole,to make the drilling tools up and down easily.
  • Have waking device ,move and find hole position easily.
  • Reasonable arrangement,operation easy, nimble and reliable.
  • Can be equipped with special tower, drilling more conveniently. 


hole dia (mm) Φ2000 mm
drilling capacity (m) 60 m
Active drill pipe 180×180×4434 mm
(PathΦ115 mm)
top drive head speeds(r/min) forward 9.5,10.5,28.4,44.1,65.9
reverse 10.7
Hoist wire rope lifting speed ( m/s ) forward 0.78,1.36,2.34,3.63
top drive head max torque (N.m) 55 kN·m
top drive head inner hole (mm) 182×182  mm
top drive head max push force(KN)/ pull force 113/154kN
top drive head stroke(mm) 1000  mm
Hoist hoist lift capacity with singlerope(KN)) 58  kN
Single rope speed increase speed 0.78  m/s
Reel diameter               300  mm
Rope capacity           30  m
Rope diameter     Φ19.5  m
  Rack mobile travel 1550  mm
Open orifice distance 1038  mm
The rig Dimensions (length × width × height) 5000×2400×2840  mm
5000×2400×3070  mm
(With walking)
Rig the total weight 12500kg
Rig power Motor model: Y250M-4 55 kw;1480 r/min


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