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Explosion-proof related performance of Borehole inspection cameras

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The borehole inspection camera is the same as the ordinary industrial surveillance TV, except that the borehole camera part can be inserted into the well with a small volume, compact lighting source and sufficient pressure resistance and insulation performance to avoid the influence of well water pressure and surroundings. The downhole TV is sensitive and can only be used in the clear water hole. For mud drilling, the downhole sonic TV is used. The fiber optic camera is used for image capture and transmission in important places underground, and is suitable for underground coal mines that contain explosive gas mixtures such as methane and have explosion hazards. The concept and national standards of explosion-proof cameras.


Borehole explosion-proof inspection cameras belong to explosion-proof monitoring products, which are cross-products between the explosion-proof industry and the monitoring industry. Conventional camera products cannot be used in high-risk flammable and explosive sites, and products with explosion-proof functions and relevant certificates from national authorities are required. It can be called an explosion-proof camera. The working principle of explosion-proof cameras is to suppress the generation and occurrence of the four elements of explosion so that electrical products can still work normally in high-risk environments. Any one of the four elements can effectively prevent explosion, The four elements are flammable gas, dust and mixture on site and constitute a certain concentration, There is sufficient oxygen on site to react with combustibles, There is enough temperature on site to cause the mixture to react with oxygen, The on-site space is small enough to make the burned heat accumulate to a certain concentration in a short time or even burst.


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