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GD2A-LElectronic Theodolite

The GD2A-L series laser theodolite with built-in diode,the laser can be seen up to 200-300 meters
away outside in daylight. The clear laser spot can also be seen up to 100 meters through eyepiece.It is convenient to focus and adjust the laser brightness. The laser device is integrated with telescope,resistant to dust,rain and other harsh elements.All standard functions of electronic theodolite areavailable in it.
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Product Description

Model GD2A-L
Length 165mm
Objective lens aperture φ45mm
Magnification 30X
Image Erect
Field of view 1°30
Resolving power 3.3
Shortest sighting distance 1m
Additive constant 0
Stadia proportion constant 100
Angle measurement  
Minimum reading 1/5
Accuracy 2
Display Graphic lattice LCD on both sides
Illumination Provided
Tilt sensor A Provide / B unprovided
Accuracy 3
Compensating range ±3
Laser plummet  
Level sensitivity  
Plate level 30/2mm
Circular level 8/2mm
Data output  
Output interface RS232C
Power supply  
Rechargeable battery 1800mAh Ni-MH
Battery working time 10-20h
Waterproof class IP45
Tribrach type Detachable
Working temperature range -20℃~+50
Dimension 150X165X335mm
Weight 5kg
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