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GDM-952R Total Station

  • GDM-952R
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Product Description

Distance Measurement Section
Range Non-prism 600m
prism Single prism 3000m
Three prism 5000m
  Accuracy Non-prism ±(3mm+2ppm·D)
Prism ±(2mm+2ppm·D), ±(3mm+2ppm·D)
Unit m/ft
Display Maximum  99999999.9999m
Minimum 0.1mm
Measuring time  Precise model:1S, Track model:0.8S
Number of time Set 1 ~ 99
Meteorological correction  Input the value and correct automatic
Prism constant  Input the value and correct automatic
Angle Measurement Section
Method  Absolute coding
  Grating diameter 79mm
  Minimum reading 1″
Detection Horizontal  Diametrical detection
 Vertical  Diametrical detection
Accuracy 2″
Telescope Section
Imaging  Positive
 Length 170mm
Effective aperture 48mm
 Magnification 30×
 Angle of vision 1.5°
Distinguish ability 3.5″
Minimum focus distance 1.5m
System  Double axis photoelectric tilt sensor or
 Single axis liquid tilt sensor
 Working range ±3
 Distinguish ability 1″
Display Section
Type Double sides,320×240 LCD Display
Data Transmission
 Port  Bluetooth,SD Card,USB,RS-232C
 Capacity 40,000 data at least
Plummet Optical or Laser plummet
Power Rechargeable lithium battery,DC7.4V,3600mAh
 Continuous working time 4 hours at least
Size 174×207×383mm 
Weight  6.8Kg
 Working temperature  -20℃ ~ 50

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