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GDQ - 2D Integrated Digital Control Logging System Equipment

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GDQ - 2D integrated digital control logging system is a new generation of digital logging equipment., which based on summarizing more than 20 years in production and successful experience of digital logging equipment's research and development, following the international new trend of development of the small digital logging technology, and combining with China's national conditions. This set of equipment has the following advantages over other similar products:
(1) the measurement parameters are large and the scope is wide.
(2) the reliability is high and the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) is long.
(3) portable, convenient for mobile transportation.
(4) operating and maintenance is simple.
The main reason for these advantages is that the design and development is absorbing other's merits, fully considering the variouts needs of the industry, and considering the competitiveness in the international market. GDQ - 2D system can measure than 20 kinds parameters, covered with metal ore, coal, oil field, radioactive, hydrology, and other areas of the various user's requirements, with great cost-effective.

Features & Benefits
1. Standardization and modularity
  In the GDQ - 2D integrated digital control logging system, both hardware and software, no matter probe or ground box, signal measurement or signal transmission, have adopted the standardization and modularization design concept. The benefits of standardization and modularity Product is excellent in products' consistency , maintainability and reliability. It is convenient to operate and maintain. The accessories are 100 percent universal and can be expanded at any time.
2. Fully underground digital and measurement's signal transmission
  All the signals from the underground probe are converted by A/D and sent to the ground after being encoded. The underground probe is a two-way street communication. Digital code transmission measurements greatly improve the anti-jamming capability, and the system itself can correct the error code, which guarantees the quality of the signal transmission.
3. Oversampling technology to obtain the most formation information
 The GDQ-2D system uses the sampling method for the collection of formation information. The oversampling amount increases with the decrease of the logging speed, and over sampling ensures the need for digital filtering, enhancing spatial resolution and screening useful information.
4. Small size of the underground probe with high pressure
  GDQ - 2D probe is almost diameter Φ40 and Φ50 mm, the appearance of length 1000~1500mm size. The probe is made of stainless steel. Resistance to 20~40 MPa water pressure, temperature of 70 ~ 90 ℃. Special orders can be 60 MPa water pressure resistance, temperature 120 ℃ resistance.

1. The use of the environmentPower supply: 220V, 50 HzUsing the environment temperature: -20℃ ~ 45℃;Using the environment humidity: 90% or less (45℃)
2.The depth measurement systemDepth measurement range: 0 ~ 9999.99 mDepth resolution: 0.28 mmSpeed measurement range: 0 ~ 9999m/hDeep optical pulse signal: 3600 pulses per meter
3.Signal transmission system Bottom hole output signal: bipolar codingCommunication with the computer: RS232 or USBThe underground signal detection level: plus or minus 0.5 V ~ plus or minus 12V
4. Figure out the depth of the graph; 1:10; 1:50. 1:100. 1:0; 1, 50, 0, etc.
5. The drawing accuracy8 points per millimeter (curve)64 pixels per square millimeter (image method)

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