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HD-MAX Echo Sounder

HD-MAX Echo Sounder
HD-MAX is a full-digit echo sounder for precision measurement in hydrology, reconnaissance, fairway, wharf dredge and so on. Featuring a 17” large-size screen, industrial computer platform, and preinstalled marine surveying software, HD-MAX is designed for efficient, high-speed sounding performance. The integrated Hi-Max Sounder software provides an excellent solution for marine surveying and mapping.
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Product Features

Optimized Sounding Technology

*Advanced signal tracking gate technology
*Sampling rate up to 30Hz
*Optimized TVG curve delivers improved sounding performance
*Upgrading data processing framework to adapts to a more complex terrain environment
*Easy to record and replay analog signals and water depth information

Industrial Computer Platform

*17” large-size screen
*16GB SSD and one-key reset function
*Waterproof, sturdy and durable with high strength polyethylene plastic shell

Friendly Design

*Multiple shortcut buttons ensure convenient field operation
*Supports multi-screen display with VGA
*Adjustable screen display angle

Compatibility and Development

*Supports other devices such as GNSS receivers, attitude indicators, sound velocimetersand electric gyrocompasses and so on
*Optional built-in beacon module with precision up to 0.5 meters

Product Specification

Industrial Computer CPU Dual-core 1.6GHz
Memory 2GB
Display resolution 17 inches, 1280×1024
Operation system Windows XP
Storage 16GB SSD
USB port 3×USB2.0
Serial port 2×RS232
VGA port 1280×1024@60HZ
Power supply 10~30V DC or 220V AC
Average power consumption <30W
Working temperature -20℃~50℃
Weight 9.5kg
Dimension 480×360×110mm
Working frequency 200KHz
Maximum transmitted power 500W
Sounding range 0.2m~600m
Sounding accuracy ±10mm+0.1%h at 1cm resolution
Draft adjusting range 0.0m~15m
Sound velocity adjusting range 1370~1700m/s, 1m/s resolution
Maximum sampling rate 30Hz
GPS Module
Channel 14
Signal GPS + Beacon
Accuracy 0.5m(1δ, Beacon)

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