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How does borehole inspection camera play its role

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No instrument is perfect, Borehole inspection cameras also need to be used in conjunction to play their best. Traditionally, the pipeline detector only refers to the pipeline detector that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction, which is the most used instrument. Night vision detector used in earthquake rescue uses the temperature difference between human body temperature and surrounding temperature to detect the location of survivors. Underground pipeline detectors are divided into two categories according to the detection principle. One uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to detect metal pipeline optical cables and some non-metallic pipelines with metal marking lines.The night vision detector has fast detection speed, convenient operation, simple, intuitive and high accuracy. It displays a band of infrared, so it looks like a single color. The pipeline detector is one of the necessary instruments for the maintenance and transformation of underground pipelines in water companies, gas companies, industrial and mining railway communications, and municipal construction infrastructure units.


The underground TV can quickly and accurately detect the location and depth of underground metals, water pipes, cables, etc., and the size and location of the damage points of the steel pipeline anticorrosive layer without destroying the ground cover. However, non-metallic probes must be used to detect non-metallic pipelines. This method requires more effort to penetrate into the pipeline. Another type of underground pipelines that use electromagnetic waves to detect all materials can also be used to find buried objects. Also known as pipeline radar can detect pipelines of all materials.However, the poor sounding ability requires high environmental requirements and high operator quality and experience requirements.

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