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Hydraulic power head drive drilling machine MGY-135L

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Product Description

Crawler drilling machine MGY-135L

Full hydraulic, best quality in China

Multipurpose suitble for your projects

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Product Description

  MGY-135L crawler drilling machine is a full hydraulic anchor drilling rig, it is suitable for deep foundation pit support of urban building and control the displacement of the building.The rig is unitary style, and with a crawler chassis and gripping and screw-off device which can remove the drill pipe and casing automatically.The crawler chassis moves  quickly, and locates the hole position conveniently to reduce the labor intensity and improve removal efficiency. 




1. hydraulic control , instrument display , easy and flexible , easy to move , good mobility . Critical hydraulic components are imported and domestic famous brands.

2. rotary drilling rig adopts double hydraulic motor output torque, lower center of rotation than similar products , greatly improving the smoothness of drilling rigs .
3. the new variable angle mechanism to make it easier for holes , larger adjustment range can reduce the requirement for working face .
4. customer specific local conditions, cooling system is optimized to ensure that the hydraulic system work normally when the outdoor temperature is 45 º , the maximum temperature doesn't exceed 70 º.
5. with a dedicated drilling with drill ( drill pipe , casing , eccentric drilling tools , etc. ) , in an unstable earth formation, make open hole with casing hole-boring method , conventional button bit to finalize hole. High drilling efficiency , good quality of the hole .
6. the rig is mainly for anchoring and deep foundation pit, but also for jet-grouting after the jet modular head replaced.
7. MGY-135L crawler chassis rig besides clip teeth shackle and the turntable , we also provide users with a jet modular option , the user can order rig’s options to make our rig more suitable for your project .
8. the main drilling methods : DTH conventional drilling, TC bit drilling , auger drilling.





1, theoretical hole diameter: Φ150 mm ~ Φ250 mm
2, theoretical drilling depth: 140 m ~ 100 m
3, drilling angle: 0 º ~ 90 º
4, can be equipped with drill rod diameter: Φ89 (standard), Φ73, Φ102, Φ114  mm
5, drive-head rated output torque: 6500 Nm
6, drive-head rated speed: 10,20,38,40,48,55,70,76,96,110,140 r / min
7, drive-head lifting speed: 0 to 1.4 adjustable, 7,18,26 r / min
8, drive-head feeding speed: 0 to 2.8 adjustable, 14,36,50 r / min
9, drive-head rated pulling force / thrusting force: 70/36kN
10, the stroke of drive-head : 3400 mm
11, sub-mast slip stroke: 900 mm
12, Power: electric motor: 55kW +18.5 kW +2.2 kW
13, Weight: 6500 kg
14, Max.permissible gradient: 25 º
15 Overall dimensions (transport status) (L × W × H): 5690 × 2160 × 2050 mm
            (Vertical working condition) (L × W × H): 3600 × 2460 × 5700 mm  


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