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MGJ-50 anchor drilling rig

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Product Description

      Horizontal anchor drilling rig MGJ-50 is mainly used for soil and rock anchoring, consolidating and strengthening foundation of highway and dam and retaining wall, preventing soil and rock from collapsing, supporting in deep foundation pit, pin timbering in underground engineering and handling the foundation of skyscraper.


1. The rig structure compact, light weight and detachable, convenient move andposition; adopts full hydraulic control, flexible operation Time saving, labor saving, and remote operation.


2. The use of low speed and high torque motor, so that the machine stable performance, reliable, long life.

3. This machine applicable range, drilling ability; power head stroke length, high drilling efficiency.

4. Power head and the guide rail adopts a new wear-resistant plate, guide railabrasion.

5.This machine drilling angle range 5 to 360 degrees. Track along the chassis frame and sliding, convenient, reliable drilling location.

6. The machine is suitable for various drilling methods.


No. Project name  Unit Numerical
1    Drilling capacity mm 150 – 250
2     Drilling hole dia. m 100-50
3    Angle reange    0°~ 360°
4    Dynamic output speed r/min 46
5    Dynamic output torque N.m 3700  
6   Power head max. feeding force kN 44
7    Spindle max. pull force kN 63
8   Power head max. stroke mm 1800
9   Power head rotary hydraulic  system      Quantitative gear pump + quantitative oil motor
10   Feeding hydraulic system   Quantitative gear pump+Cylinder chain speed mechanism 5
11   The rated pressure of hydraulic system Mpa 20 
12    Electric power Y180L-4 kW 22
13  Overal diamensions (l×b×h) mm 2900×1000×1320
14   Drilling weight kg 950
15   Power diamensions (l×b×h) mm 1340×880×1256
16   Power weight(kg) kg 450
17  Operation panel diamensions(l×b×h) mm 550×500×600
18   Operation panel weight kg 60


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