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Mineral Prospecting Method

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The prospecting method refers to the general name of the working methods and technical measures adopted in order to find the ore deposit. There are mainly geological methods, geophysical methods, geochemical methods, and remote sensing methods.

Prospecting ore, also known as prospecting, or census or prospecting for short, is a geological and mineral work carried out in a certain area to find and evaluate the minerals needed by the national economy, that is, the comprehensive use of basic knowledge and theory of geological science, Use the necessary technical methods, combined with the clues provided by the people to mine, to discover various minerals.

The purpose of prospecting work is to discover ore sites, mineralized areas or deposits, and conduct preliminary geological and economic evaluations (industrial perspective evaluation). Its tasks include: researching the geological structure of the work area, especially those closely related to the formation and distribution of mineral Geological conditions, predict the favorable areas where minerals may exist, comprehensively use effective technical means and prospecting methods to conduct prospecting in favorable areas, and conduct preliminary research on the discovered ore deposits or deposits to make their geological and economic significance Evaluation, to clarify the mineral prospects in the working area on the basis of the above, and to provide the necessary mineral resources and geological, technical, and economic data for the further selection of mineral deposit exploration areas (or sections) and the preparation of the national economic development prospect plan. The work carried out in search of prospective areas of minerals includes aeronautical geology, geophysical exploration, geochemical exploration and other surface and underground engineering.


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