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Multi Channels MASW Seismograph

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In the actual detection, shallow reflected seismic data usually records the reflection wave, the first to the wave and the surface wave and so on, the first wave and surface wave is often removed as interference wave. In fact, the initial wave and surface wave, like the reflected wave, contain the characteristics of the formation velocity structure and interface structure, and have the obvious advantages of clear seismic phase, reliable recognition, if we can use the initial towave and surface wave information in the single gun record to obtain shallow stratigraphic rock parameters, it will help to improve the exploration efficiency and reduce the exploration cost. 

At present, the method of studying the near-surface structure by using the frequency and dispersion characteristics of Ruiley surface wave has become perfect in the engineering survey circle, which can effectively solve the near-surface geological problems that can not be solved by conventional reflected seismic exploration methods, such as speed reversal, low-speed layer, thin layer and so on. Compared with engineering geological Ruili surface wave exploration, the surface wave received in shallow reflection seismic detection has the characteristics of large excitation energy, many receiving channels and strong anti-jamming ability. It is a hot topic of research to introduce the transient surface wave method of engineering exploration into the investigation of shallow geological structure of reflected seismic exploration, and to establish the high density surface structure profile by using the surface wave in the record of reflected seismic exploration and production.


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