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Seismic Geophone Application

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Seismic geohone is used to detect seismic wave signals, as the front-end equipment for seismic data reception and acquisition, plays an important role in seismic exploration, and its performance directly affects the quality of seismic signal recording and seismic data interpretation. The realistic demand for seismic observation is the seismic detector of the wide-band dynamic range. The study of free oscillation and slow earthquake of the earth needs to obtain good long-cycle seismic records, and the super-long-period seismic geophone is the key equipment to obtain high-quality observation data.

Through deep seismic exploration, understanding the internal structure of the earth, so as to enhance the ability of deep resource exploration and geological hazard prediction, is a research hotspot in geophysical exploration in recent years. With the development and progress of seismic observation technology, detection capabilities have improved, and large-scale earthquakes Observation of arrays will become an important means and development direction of high-resolution deep structure imaging. Seismic array observations are made by using observation stations composed of broadband seismic instruments to record natural or artificial seismic movements, and are obtained by accurate imaging analysis of recorded signals The structure of the crust and upper mantle. With the increase of the detection depth, the high-frequency signals in the deep layer are seriously attenuated during the propagation process, and the signals reaching the surface are mainly low-frequency. Therefore, in the observation of seismic arrays, it is necessary to rely on lower nature Frequency geophone to record low frequency signals.


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