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Steel Ruler Water Level Meter Advantages

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Steel ruler water level gauge is the most accurate method to measure water level. It is usually used to measure the water level in wells, boreholes and water level pipes. It is especially suitable for the observation of groundwater level in hydropower projects or the manual inspection of phreatic line of earth rock dams. The instrument can be used in the construction period, and also can be used for long-term safety monitoring of the project.

Water level meter-3

l. Probe part: made of stainless steel, with water resistance contact point installed inside. When the contact contacts the water surface, the receiving system will be connected. When the contact points leave the water surface, the receiving system will be closed by door.

2. Steel ruler and cable part: the steel ruler and conductor are combined by plastic technology, which not only prevents the steel ruler from rusting, but also simplifies the operation process, making the measurement and reading more convenient and accurate.

3. Receiving system part: it is composed of a sounder and a peak value indicator. The buzzer sends out continuous beeping sound. The peak value indication is the pointer indication of voltmeter. Both of them can be selected by toggle switch. No matter what receiving system is used, the measurement and reading accuracy is the same.

4. Winding coil part: it is composed of a winding disc and a bracket. The receiving system and battery are all placed in the core cavity of the winding coil, and the steel ruler cable is wrapped outside the cavity.


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