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The Types of Drilling Rigs

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The rig is a host that completes the drilling construction, it drives drilling tools and drill bits to the depth of the formation drilling, and through the lift on the rig (hoist) to complete the drilling tools and casing, extraction of core, replacement of drill bits and other auxiliary work.The main function of the pump is to deliver the flushing fluid into the hole to clean the bottom of the hole, cool the drill bit and lubricate the drilling tool.

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Because the purpose and construction object of geotechnical drilling engineering are different, there are many kinds of drilling RIGS. Drill can be classified by use, such as core drill, oil drill, hydrogeological survey and water well drill, engineering geological exploration drill, tunnel drill and engineering construction drill, etc..Drilling RIGS can be divided into four categories according to drilling methods:

1. Impact drill, and divided into wire rope impact type, drill pipe impact type, two kinds of drill.

2. Rotary drilling rig, and divided into the following three:

 vertical shaft type - hand feed type, screw differential feed type, hydraulic feed type drilling machine;

 rotary type -steel rope pressure increase and decrease type, hydraulic cylinder pressure increase and decrease type drilling machine;

 Mobile rotary type - full hydraulic power head type, mechanical power head type drilling machine.

3. Vibrating drill.

4. Compound drill: the drill with vibration, impact, rotary, static pressure and other functions combined together in different combinations.


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