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The main task of mineral exploration

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① To further identify the shape, occurrence and geological conditions of the ore body, including identifying the boundaries around the ore body and putting forward accurate geological maps, so as to determine a reasonable mining plan.

② To find out the industrial grade, mineral composition, structural structure, useful and harmful components and their distribution of ores, as the basic geological data for determining the processing scheme of ore dressing and smelting technology.

(3) The evaluation of mineral industry indicators is the fundamental problem to determine the rational utilization of mineral resources and the economic benefits of mining enterprises in the future. The industrial index includes mineral boundary grade, industrial grade, minimum mining thickness and rock inclusion thickness. According to the industrial index, the average grade and reserve of ore are calculated, which is an important basis for determining the production scale and service life of mining enterprises.

④ To find out the physical and mechanical properties, fracture development degree and structural damage of the orebody and its top, bottom plate and sandwiching stone, so as to select a reasonable mining technology, avoid ore dilution loss and ensure safe production.

(5) To find out the hydrogeological conditions of the mining area, on the basis of the investigation of regional hydrogeological conditions, to find out the distribution of aquifers and aquifers, groundwater recharge and discharge conditions, water quantity, water quality, pollution sources, etc., for the mine production of water supply, drainage design and environmental protection measures to provide a basis.

(6) Make a comprehensive evaluation of the economic and technical conditions of the deposit, estimate the economic benefits of the future enterprise, and put forward suggestions and suggestions on the reasonable development and utilization and construction plan.

In order to finish the above tasks, need use different geophysical exploration method: such as resistivity survey, underground resistivity imaging survey, tranisent electromagnetical survey, magnetical survey, borehole logging, and ect.


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