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The working principles for ultrasonic borehole inspection cameras

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Ultrasonic imaging logging uses a rotating ultrasonic transducer to scan around the borehole to record the echo amplitude and echo travel time. The attenuation of the echo amplitude is directly related to the acoustic interaction of the borehole wall, and the travel time is directly related to the borehole diameter.

Working frequency is 1500KHZ, 500KHZ. Dual probes can be switched.

Working temperature: 1750℃

Instrument outer diameter: 90mm

Logable diameter: 140mm-300mm

Scanning speed: 5 circles/sec

Sampling density: 512 points/circle

Gray scale of echo amplitude: 256

Caliper detection resolution: <1MM

Geomagnetic azimuth detection accuracy: ≤5 degrees

Pulse code transmission rate: 61.44KB/S

Instrument length: 5200mm

Maximum working pressure: 80MPa



working principle

This technology is a high-tech achievement integrating optics and electromechanics. It has a visible light transmitter, a CCD imaging chip, a downhole optical fiber transmission optical transceiver, a ground optical demodulator, and an image acquisition record display. The visible light transmitter emits into the well 360° panoramic view. Visible light is reflected by various objects in downhole imaging, received by an optical lens, focused and imaged by a CCD chip, converted from downhole electro-optical light, and transmitted to the ground via fiber optic cables. Because of the use of high-definition optical lenses and high-resolution CCD chips, The signal is transmitted to the ground via optical fiber, and the measured image is displayed continuously in real time, and the definition reaches the effect of TV picture. Therefore, it displays the real state of the underground on the ground display, and the geological and engineering personnel can observe the underground in real time and intuitively on the spot. Happening.


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