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Three component magnetic survey in borehole

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Borehole magnetic survey plays an important role in deep iron ore prospecting

① Verify the ground magnetic anomaly;

② Understand the vertical distribution of ore body;

③ Looking for the concealed ore bodies around and in the deep part of the well;

④ Guide drilling to improve the hit rate of ore breakthrough;

⑤ Scientific drilling layout, reduce the amount of drilling work;

⑥ Multi well joint testing to calculate reserves;

⑦ Logging deviation (dip angle, azimuth). The biggest advantage of borehole magnetic survey is to find the existence of longitudinal ore body sensitively by drilling deep underground, which is the deficiency of surface magnetic survey.

Secondly, if the orebody can not be exposed, we can know whether there is orebody in a large area around and at the bottom of the well through borehole magnetic survey. If the concealed ore body is found, the spatial location of the ore body can also be known.


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