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What are the benefits of PPK?

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What are the benefits of PPK?

Not having to rely on maintaining constant communication between the ground station and the onboard module has made PPK much more versatile in terms of survey execution. This is especially appropriate for urban areas where the high density of buildings, houses, and power lines can render RTK data correction ineffective.


Post-survey processing also allows for the comparison of PPK data with those collected from past and future surveys. This feature can be instrumental for repeat surveys over the same area where the changes in features are being monitored over time. For repeat surveys, being able to do forward and reverse solutions means being able to confirm the consistency of your data. Having a large database of PPK data can help create a more robust and reliable survey database.


However, the improvement of accuracy of PPK compared to RTK can be pretty small – somewhere between 2 to 5 centimeters, usually. While some industries might appreciate this level of improvement, it’s probably not necessary for most. Thus, the practicality of making the upgrade from RTK to PPK depends on the industry for which your map will be used.

Use the PPK system on the drone of your choice to determine accurate camera exposure positions automatically. After your flight, download  reference observations (you can use your own GNSS receiver base station, a virtual reference station (VRS) ) and employ the easy to use CamPos software (provided with the system) to compute accurate image coordinates for input to your SfM workflow.


There is no need for communication links between the drone and the base station, making the ystem worry-free, reliable and very simple to use during operation of the drone.


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