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What characteristics does borehole inspection camera have ?

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Borehole inspection camer has the characteristics of real-time and intuitiveness.


  1. For engineering hydrogeology: Observe various characteristics and fine structures of geological bodies in boreholes, such as stratum lithology, rock structure, faults, fractures, interlayers, karsts, etc., and catalog geological histograms.

2. For mineral geology: Observe the thickness, inclination and inclination of the ore body vein, and the inclination and inclination of the borehole;

3. Used in coal mines and other mines: observation and quantitative analysis of the strike, thickness, inclination, inclination of coal seams and other ore bodies, the degree of gangue in the layer and the degree of separation cracks with the roof rock layer;

4. For concrete: Observe the location and degree of defects such as voids, cracks, segregation, etc. in concrete

5. Used for pipe piles: Observe various abnormalities and defects in the pile, quantitatively analyze the joint quality and the length, width and direction of broken, fractured and cracks;

6. For underground pipelines: Observe the contents of the pipeline, and quantitatively analyze the cracks and fractures of the pipeline, the location of the fracture, the length, width and direction, etc.;

7. For water well maintenance: to detect the cracks, dislocations, falling objects in the well wall, clogging of the filter pipe hole and the position of the quicksand, etc.


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