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What's attentions for well logging cable?

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                                 What's attentions for well logging cable?

Logging cables are mainly used in perforating, coring, and logging operations of various oil and gas wells, as well as in coalfield geological exploration, water conservancy and hydrological surveying, and geothermal logging.

1. The logging cables used are all two-layer steel wires and unbalanced torsion cables. When the tension increases, the cable tends to decrease in diameter, stretch, and rotate; when the tension decreases, the diameter increases, shortens, and rotates in the opposite direction. Therefore, the factors that hinder the free rotation of the cable are the root causes of damage.

Since the rotation of the cable is controlled by the change in tension, it is impossible for the manufacturer to make a cable that does not rotate. (The manufacturer can only control the length change and diameter of the cable)

2. Cable conditioning

During the first ten trips, the cable is most vulnerable to damage. Like a car, the new cable will have a running-in process.

The purpose of conditioning: to stabilize the length and diameter of the cable, to relax the torsion of the cable, and the two-layer steel wires gradually run-in and arrange neatly, moving like a two-layer steel ring.


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