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XY-44A 1000m depth drilling for fore sampling

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Product Description


Product Description

    XY-44A Core Drill, a new type of product with enhanced capacity, is a kind of hydraulic-driven, spindle, diamond-bit, small-diameter core drill with fairly powerful drilling force. It is mainly suitable for exploration of metal or non-metal solid mineral ore bed. It is widely applied in core drill with diamond bit or hard tungsten-carbide-tipped bit and diamond bit in the field of geology, metallurgy, coal mine, hydrological and engineering drilling. It can also be used in the fields of superficial-zone petroleum and natural gas mining, mine workings ventilation and water discharge tunnel drilling as well as foundation pile construction in large diameter. It is in reasonable structure, light weight, powerful capacity, multiuse, steady performance, high responsibility and high standardization and generalization.



Drill Rod Varieties Drill Rod Type Drill Depth
Drill Rod Made in China Planer in and out Dia.43×6mm(Dia.1.69×0.24 inch) 1400 m (4592feet)
Dia.54×6 mmDia.2.13×0.24 inch) 1000 m (3280feet)
Dia.67×6 mm(Dia.2.64×0.24 inch) 830 m (2722feet)
Thickened Inner Dia.50×5.5 mm(Dia.1.97×0.22 inch) 1300 m (4264feet)
Dia.60×6 mm(Dia.2.36×0.24 inch) 950 m (3116feet)
Extracting Core with Wire Line Dia.55.5×4.73mm(Dia.2.19×0.19inch) 1400 m (4592feet)
Dia.71×5 mm(Dia.2.80×0.20 inch) 1000 m (3280feet)
Dia.89×5 mmDia.3.50×0.20 inch) 800 m (2624feet)
DCDMA (Diamond Core Drill Manufacturer Association) made Drill Rod Thickened Inner BW 1250 m (4100feet)
NW 1000 m (3280feet)
HW 660 m (2165feet)
Extracting Core with Wire Line BQ 1400 m (4592feet)
NQ 1100 m (3608feet)
HQ 750 m (2460feet)

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