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ZLJ-650 tunnel mine pit stabilization

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Product Description

Product Description

     ZLJ-650 EXPLOSION-PROOF DRILLING MACHINE is developed specially for drilling in tunnel of coal mining based on our spindle type of core drilling rig, it is mainly suitable for drilling with tungsten carbide bit for tunnel construction drilling and underground geotechnical drilling.

It has features of light weight, compact size, good detachability, powered largely etc.

No. Item Unit Parameter
1 Rated speed of drill head(forward) r/min 94/230/365
Rated torque of drill head N·m 650/230/145
2  Max. push force of spindle kN 16
 Max. pull force of spindle kN 23
 Max. feed speed of spindle m/min    0~4.2
 Max. stroke of spindle mm 400
3  Max. lifting force of hoist (single rope) kN 10
 Drum diameter mm 125
  Wire rope dia. mm 9.3
   Drum capacity m 18
4 Hole diameter 150mm m 20
130mm m 30
110mm m 50
91mm m 70
75mm m 100
5  angle range º -90~+90
6  rated pressure of hydraulic system MPa 6
7  power of electric motor kW 7.5
8  overall dimesssion mm 1360×620×1080
9 Weight (excluding power and drilling rog) kg  about 360
10 Max. detachable weight kg 100










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