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ZTS-360R Total Station

ZTS-360R Total Station
Compact and Lightweight Designed, easy to carry and setup. With powerful measurement module, Stable Dual-axis Compensation system, and Intelligent Calibration Software, ZTS-360R improves the speed and distance of measurement efficiently. Using STM32 architecture and high-grade dustproof and waterproof structure design, Comprehensively enhance the overall performance of ZTS-360R.
  • ZTS-360R
  • New
  • 2"
  • 1"/5"/10"(selectable)
  • CE,FC
  • IP66

Product Applications

1. Mineral survey, exploration and excavation;
2. Construction of railways, highways, Bridges;
3. Irrigation and water conservancy, urban planning and construction;
4. The battlefield preparation, harbor, fortress, airports and military engineering construction;
5. Precision positioning and installation in shipbuilding and aerospace industry ;
6. The three-dimensional coordinates, the location of measurement, pipeline orientation, cross section measurement of the stuctures;
7. The triangle control survey, topographic survey, cadastral and property measurement.

Product Features

Compact, Lightweight Design

  • *Rugged, compact design ensures the stability of every indicators of equipment and protect you from data loss on the harsh conditions.
  • *Small size and light weight body make your work easily.


Quick Trigger Button
Measurement and record by pressing one quick trigger button, fast and convenient.


Stable Dual-axis Compensation

  • *Simultaneous tilt compensation from horizontal and vertical angle makes sure the accurate measuring result, even when the body is rotating.
  • *Vivid graphic electronic bubble display is available. 


Upward Laser Pointing

  • *Deviation from centre handle design makes upward laser pointing fast and easy, and no dead angle exists in upward measurement, which is significant for mining or tunneling application.


Powerful and Fast EDM Capability

  • *600m Non-prism ranging.
  • *Fine 0.8s, Track 0.3s in prism mode.


IP66 Dust and Water Protection

  • *High standard IP66 performance provide protection from dust penetration and water driving.


Intelligent Calibration Software

  • *The proprietary HI-TARGET Calibration software is accessible for real-time diagnosis to ensure trouble-free operation.


Software Compatibility

  • *Compatible to the 3rd party data processing software, satisfying users’ requirements for different data format.

Product Specification

Angle measurement (HzV)

Detecting system——Absolute encoder

Minimum display——1/5/10(selectable)




Field of view——1°30

Minimum focus distance——1.5m





Resolving power——1

Distance measurement (IR)

Single prism (good condition)——3000m

Reflective sheet——800m


Measuring time (Repete/Tracking)——1s/0.5s

Reflectorless (RL)

Range (white board reflectivity 90%)——600m

Single prism——7500m


Measuring time——1.5s


Internal memory——20000 points (SD card supported)


Data format——ASCII


Operation system——Real-time operation system

Display——192×96 high-light LED screen, brightness adjustable in 3 level

Keyboard——2 sides alphanumeric backlit crystal keyboard

Laser plummet

Type——Laser point, 4 brightness levels adjustable (Optical plummet is optional)

Accuracy——1mm at 1.5m instrument height


meteorological parameter modification——Manually(T-P senser is optional)

Operation temperature——-20_+50

Storage temperature——-40_+70

Dust & Water proof——IP66

Power supply

Battery type——BT30 Li-ion battery

Voltage/Capacity——7.4V 3400mAh

Operating time——18 hours(continuous angle measurement every 30 seconds)

Measuring times——Approx. 12000 times


Weight——3.8kg with battery


Zenith point measurement without removing the handle

Shortcut measurement key on the side, convenient for surveying

Small and light

Key define
Intelligent checking

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