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GYGD-II Borehole Camera & Water Well Inspection Camera

This borehole inspection camera is used for borehole video and borehole imaging. It can work for water well, coal well, oil well, gas well and other boreholes. It can also called water well inspection camera.
  • GYGD-IIS Borehole Camera and water well camera
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Product Description

Borehole Inspection Camera Instruction:

GYGD-IIS borehole camera work together with monitor, underground camera probe, electrical winch and cable. The power will be 12/24V, 110V and 220V optional. This camera is used for deep borehole inspection to 2000m max.

GYGD-II deep well camera well logging camera and borehole camera 500m

Borehole inspection camera function :

          1  To inspection the water leakage of the well ,  
          2  To imaging the blockage of the well 
          3  To help the repair of the well 
          4  Provide broadcast quality video of the underwater  world, back to the surface from up to within 1000m below,

          5  This camera can be viewed in real time or recorded for later viewing 

Borewell Water Well Camera and Deep Borehole Camera Underground Downhole Camera for Sale

Borehole inspection camera features:  
          1 Super high resolution color picture 
          2 Low light operation 
          3 Led  underwater light 
          4 Stainless steel housing 
          5 Military grade water tightness cable 
          6 Ability to attach up to deep place and stand large pressure of water.

Borehole inspection camera technical parameter:

No. Description Parameter Remarks
1 Imaging chip 1/3”color CCD
2 Resolution 850TVL
3 Focusing Automatic   Can also be manual
4 Lighting High power lighting LED
5 Measuring depth 0-500m
6 Color rotating lens  12,000,000 pixel sensitivity 1.5 Lux
7 Viewing Angle 360° Hole Wall 
8 Scan Automatic scan
9 Control Dynamic change speed or footage
10 Illuminating brightness Adjustable

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