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GYGD-III Borehole Camera & Water Well Inspection Camera

GYGD-III borehole camera or water well inspection camera is for vertical downhole, with 120 degree downhole high definition view. 8 inch display screen, 32GB storage, video and picture recording. That's ideal for monitoring the well’s overall functionality or condition.
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Product Description

GYGD-III Borehole Camera & Water Well Inspection Camera 

borehole camera overview


GYGD-III is basic model in Chongqing Gold, is one of our most iconic products.  The GYGD-III borehole camera comes with everything user need to perform a quick and hassle-free well inspection. Ideal for shallow wells, the borehole inspection camera helps users obtain a real-time view of what is happening in the well or borehole.

Within equipped lastest DVR in controller, can both support recording and playback video and photograph,thus multiaspect saving survey results of the well. 8inch display high resolution display screen can provide real time checking survey result. 220V AC/24V DC power is optional for control system, the controller is not only offer self  but also for electrical winch/probe, the whole system just need one power source.  

GYGD-III water well inspection camera

To conducting a successful downhole survey is the ability to increase and decrease the cameras lighting on demand, the panoranormic camera probe with Led lamp, thus can ensure have the optimum amount of light with simply a click of a button, The probe case is with stainless steel shell.

well inspection camera 800

Designed to be vertical mounted borehole inspection system, GYGD-III winch winch is designed for applications from 100m(328 feet) to 1000m(3280 feet) in depth. AC or DC power motor are optional.

water well inspection winch

borehole camera techncial sheet

GYGD-IV Borehole Inspection Camera GYGD-IIS Borehole Inspection Camera GYGD-III Borehole Inspection Camera
                                                                                                                    Controller Unit
Screen 12inch 8 inch 8 inch
Storage 32GB(USB)
32G (SD Card) 32G (SD Card)
Keyboard Yes
Rotary 360 Degree rotary 360 Degree rotary 180, no rotary
Focus Adjustable Adjustable NO
                                                                                                                    Winch Unit
Electric AC220V AC220V AC220V
Cable Core 6 core 6 core 4 core
Wheel type 0-500m 0-500m Optional
Skid type 501-1000m 501-1000m 0-1000m
Diameter 75mm 75mm 70mm
Rotary Yes Yes NO
Focus Yes Yes NO
Light Adjustable (+1 and -1) Adjustable (+1 and -1) NO
Centralizer Yes Yes NO
View Angle Down and side Down and side Down

borehole camera downhole view

panoramic camera view

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