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Is the technology mature for GPS drone mapping? How do you see?

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From accuracy and efficiency, the technology of GPS drone mapping has been mature.

One of the most valuable indicators is survey accuracy , the survey accuracy is directly affected by the application. From the traditional GPS positioning to RTK / PPK / PPP, the drone gps mapping survey is one of technical upgraded which based on survey accuracy.

RTK / PPK drone mapping basically enables cm accuracy.The difference is mainly reflected in the communication link. PPK does not need communication equipment, so it has a larger job radius, more stable data acquisition, to a certain extent  Higher work efficiency; RTK is limited by communication links, the job radius is usually limited to 10 kilometers, which is prone to unlocking, affecting the empty triparthest rate, which in turn affects accuracy and overall work efficiency. Compared to the generality and application prospects of PPK.

The benefits of PPP do not need to set up a base station. This is simply a gospel for flying hands, simple operation, high efficiency,just lower survey accuracy compare with RTK and PPK. But depending on different application requirements reasonable selection.usually, these three modules can be used. These positioning modules are usually placed on drones, or even some  built-in cloud platforms, so that they are to minimize the cost of users and improve efficiency.


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