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Resistivity Meter Geophysics WDDS-2C Geo Resistivity Equipment

Resistivity Meter Geophysics WDDS-2C Geo Resistivity Equipment is one of the most versatile and successful geophysical prospecting methods for ground water prospecting mineral prospecting, ground resistance measurements, geological and geo-technical mapping, bedrock studies, certain civil engineering applications
  • WDDS-2C

Product Description

Resistivity Meter Geophysics WDDS-2C Geo Resistivity Equipment

WDDS-2C Resistivity Meter

WDDS-2C/3C digital resistivity meter (hereafter also referred to as WDDS-2C/3C mainframe or WDDS-2C/3C meter) is a new generation of DC resistivity equipment which is based on a series of advanced electrical equipment of resistivity survey, and adopts 32-bit micro-controller technology and 24-bit A / D technology development.

This geo Resistivity meter applies for metal and nonmetal mineral resources detection, city geophysical exploration, railway and bridge inspection and so on. The geophysical Resistivity meter can use for hydrology and engineering geology as seeking for ground water, inspecting dam base and flood protection levee for incipient faults, geothermal prospecting.

resistivity meter

Difference of WDDS-2C and WDDS-3C Resistivity meter

1. WDDS-2C is equipped with 7.4V lithium battery with automatic protection which can auto-power-off when battery voltage is lower than 6.6V.

2. WDDS-3C has a 7.4V lithium battery for working power and a built-in 48V high-voltage power supply as transmitting power supply. The 48V power can transmitting 50V, 100V, 150V, 200V DC high voltage

Difference of WDDS-2 and WDDS-2C Resistivity Meter

wdds Series

WDDS-2 stop production, now update to WDDS-2C.   

WDDS-2C Control with Tablet PC

Windows 10 64 bit operating system, memory no less than 2GB, storage capacity no less than 32GB, Bluetooth, USB.

Electric Sounding

Working of WDDS-2C/3C Geophysical resistivity meter

1. Apparent Resistivity ρs/Res:

2. Self-potential (SP)

3. Grounding Resistance

4. Electric Profiling

5. Electric Sounding

Electric Profiling

Resistivity meter Arrays can be chose





4P-VES Schlumberger

Electrical sounding


4P-VES Wenner


Combined Electrical Sounding(3P-VES)


4-Pole Roll-along Electrical Profiling(4P-PRFL)

Electrical profiling


Combined Electrical Profiling(3P-PREL)


Middle Gradient




Borehole Ground Electrical Method


Input K

Any array


5-Pole Electrical Sounding(5P-VES)

Electrical sounding


Compound Electrical Profiling

Electrical profiling

Technical Specification of Geophysical Resistivity meter

Resistivity Meter Tranmitter
Maximum transmitting power: 6000W
Maximum supply voltage: ±1200V(2400Vp-p)
Maximum supply current: ±5A(10Ap-p)
Pulse waveform of power supply: duty cycle is 1:1, bipolar
Resistivity meter Receiver
Voltage channel: ±50V,±0.2% ±1LSB, 24bit A/D
Maximum sampling resolution of voltage: 0.01μV
Input impedance: ≥50MΩ
SP compensation range: ±10V
Current channel: 5A, ±0.2% ±1LSB,24 bit A/D
Maximum sampling resolution of current: 0.02μA

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