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waterproof underwater inspection camera

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There are many types of waterproof underwater cameras and waterproof digital video cameras.

The basic principle of its work is the same, converting optical image signals into electrical signals for storage or transmission.It is well known that a wide-angle lens should be used to shoot landscapes and a telescope lens is suitable for shooting people. So it depends on the purpose of photography. When we make a photo of an object, the light reflected on the object is collected by the camera lens, focused on the light-receiving surface of the imaging device, and then converted into electrical energy by the imaging device to obtain a video signal.


The photoelectric signal of the underwater camera is very weak and needs to be amplified by the pre-amp circuit, and then processed and adjusted by various circuits, The final standard signal can be sent to a video recorder and other recording media for recording, or transmitted through a propagation system or sent to surveillance Display.

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