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WGMD-9 Resistivity And IP Tomography System

WDA-1 work with WDZj-4 or WDZJ-120 Multi Electrode Switcher can be applied in a variety of complex regions and has widely used in metaland non-metal mineral resources prospecting, city geophysical exploration, andrailway and bridge inspection; in hydrology and engineering geology to inspectbase of dam and flood protection levee for incipient faults. Besides, it contributes to geothermal survey.
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Product Description


a). General resistivity/IP survey, in association with only one/two Current electrodes, one/two Potential electrodes, AB connecting wire, MN connecting wire and power source. For this part, please refer to Section Three and Section Four)

b). Multi-electrode 2D resistivity imaging when works together with WDZJ-4 Multiple Electrode Converter, power source, electrodes and corresponding cables. For this section, please refer to Section Six.

c). Multi-electrode 2D resistivity imaging (in Section Seven), Multi-electrode 3D resistivity imaging (in Section Ten) and Multi-electrode 2D induced polarization (IP) imaging (in Section Nine), in association with 10-take-out intelligent cables, electrodes and power source.

Resistivity IP Tomograph


16 kinds of electrode arrays of multi-electrode system: 

In addition to the 10 electrode arrays of general electrical resistivity survey system 

There are 16 electrode arrays for multi-electrode imaging, namely, Wenner Alpha array (WENNER α), Wenner Beta array (WENNER β), Wenner Gamma array (WENNER γ), Three-pole direct array (δA ARRAY), Three-pole reverse array (δB ARRAY), Wenner Alpha 2 array (SCHLMBG), Self-Potential M array (SP-M), Self-Potential MN array (SP-MN), Charging M (CHG-M), Charging MN (CHG-MN), Two-pole Roll along array (2P AM), Three-pole Roll along array (3P A-MN and 3P AB-M), Dipole-dipole Roll along array (DIPOLE), MN-B, Cross-Hole Dipole/Equatorial Dipole-dipole array (CR-DIPOLE).

Resistivity IP Tomograph


1. Portability and flexibility

2. Unique and open measuring process control

3. High power supply, wide current range, high accuracy

4. Bluetooth technology facilitating wireless remote control

5. Extendable easily

6. Excellent anti-interface performance

7. Receiving unit

8. Earth resistance check

9. Flexible option of control

WGMD-9 Resistivity


Configuration/Function Mainframe  Switch Cable and Electrode
2D RES Imaging WDA-1 WDZJ-4 or
Intelligent 2D/3D
Res Imaging
WDA-1 No Intelligent
Intelligent 2D IP
WDA-1 No Intelligent

Resistivity tomography

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