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WZG-24A 24C / 48A Engineering Seismograph Series

Wave speed (sheared wave) survey
Transient multifold Rayleigh wave prospecting
Multi-wave high density seismic imaging
Shallow refraction survey
Foundation pile inspection
Civil engineering quality detection
Site constant shake survey
Shake-to-blasting survey
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  • Gold
  • 9015800090

Product Description




Building base, roadbed and foundation engineering detection
Cavity survey, cavern survey
Quaternary overburden layer delamination
Foundation soil type and dangerous geology body survey
Foundation soil medium physical property delamination survey
Foundation stabilization and roadbed backfill rolling survey
Bedrock depth and concealed geology structure prospecting
Tunnel construction detection


Tunnel line survey and wall rock classification
Concrete lining quality detection
Tunnel bottom detection and leading exploration
Tremor monitoring
Large and medium reservoir monitoring


Dykes and dam incipient fault detection
Reservoir sedimentation survey and exclusion sedimentation quality inspection
Large and medium dam jackstone inspection
Bridge engineering inspection


Bridge pier foundation inspection
Bridge pier concrete inspection
Bridge tremor inspection
Environmental and geologic Engineering hazard detection and appraisal

Landslide, karst, mud and stone flow, dig-out area, active fault and other detection




Seismic source may be hammer, electric spark or explosion. It is extremely suitable forwave velocity testing (sheared wave), surface wave detecting, pier foundation inspection,ground micro-tremor survey, seismic imaging, shake measurement, and reflection and refraction survey.

Seismic cable 

Technical specifications:

Channel number 24/48
Sample stations 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, 16384
Sample frequency

Generally, 10μs, 25μs, 50μs, 100μs, 200μs, 500μs, 1ms, 2ms, 5ms, 10ms, 20ms

For micro-tremor survey, 1ms ~ 200ms selectable

A/D converter 24bit
Signal stack and amplification 32 bit
Dynamic range 140dB
Frequency bandwidth 0.1Hz ~ 4000Hz
Noises 1μV (full-frequency state)
Amplitude consistency ±0.2%
Phase consistency ±0.01ms
Data format SEG-2
Working temperature 0℃~ 50℃, 90%RH

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