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  • [FAQ] What is Electrical Resistivity Tomography ?

    Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) is an advanced geophysics method used to determine the subsurface’s resistivity distribution by making measurements on the ground surface. ERT data are rapidly collected with an automated multi-electrode resistivity meter. ERT profiles consist of a modeled cro

  • [FAQ] The Types of Drilling Rigs

    The rig is a host that completes the drilling construction, it drives drilling tools and drill bits to the depth of the formation drilling, and through the lift on the rig (hoist) to complete the drilling tools and casing, extraction of core, replacement of drill bits and other auxiliary work.The ma

  • [FAQ] Transient Surface Wave Exploration

    Application of transient surface wave explorationSurface wave exploration, also known as elastic wave frequency sounding, is a new shallow seismic exploration method developed in recent years. Surface wave is divided into Rayleigh wave (R wave) and Ralph wave (L wave), and R wave has the strongest e

  • [Case] Customize Borehole Inspection Camera Winch for Australia Customer

    We are a professional borehole inspection camera manufacturer. We provide our customers with a variety of borehole measurement equipment such as water level meter, inspection camera, borehole geophysical logger.We support the device customization to meet the customer requirements. The customers prop

  • [Case] 500M Borehole Inspection with 12 Inch Display GYGD-IV Camera

    The GYGD-IV borehole imaging system is widely used in marine development, underwater operations, underwater inspections of dams, underwater monitoring of underwater scientific experiments, underwater surveys, water well maintenance, hydropower stations, industrial observations, pile foundation hole

  • [Case] New Product 12 Inch Big Screen Borehole Inspection Camera Succeeded Testing In Field

    12 Inch Borehole Inspection Camera is a great combination of modern technology and affordable price. It is well suited for inspecting various reservoirs, wells, borehole, shafts, pipes, tanks and other objects from the top down. It is equipped with a Ø75mm PT camera head enabling operators to receiv

  • [FAQ] Electrical resistivity survey for groundwater investigations

    Electrical resistivity survey for groundwater investigations

  • [Case] Geophysical Well Logging Equipment Work on field

    Geophysical Well Logging Equipment work

  • [FAQ] What is VES Vertical Electrical Sounding?

    Vertical electrical sounding (VES) is commonly used to solve many problems regarding groundwater assessment, investigation, exploration, quality/pollution, the boundary, thickness and depth of the aquifer with its different layers

  • [FAQ] Digital Inclinometer, what is it?

    The inclinometer system consists of an inclinometer casing and an inclinometer measurement system. The casing provides contact for sub-surface measurements, while its grooves control the orientation of the inclinometer sensor and provide a uniform surface for measurements.The casing is usually insta

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